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*** Actual Letter ***

To Donate      

July 1, 2019: Appeals Letter Mailing

Dear Friends:
In 19 years SupportAbility has awarded over half-a-million dollars to 850 deserving high school seniors, who have graduated despite encountering life-changing obstacles; SupportAbility is empowered to move ahead! 
Thank you! Courage is defind as a virtue that allows us to face real risk -- and prevail...

Our award, to be used to further education or vocational goals, is given to a student who shows courage in overcoming life-changing obstacles. It recognizes courage and determination over physical and/or learning disabilities of self or of a parent, the death of a loved one or unusually difficult circumstances at home.

SupportAbility thanks YOU for its tremendous growth. Your generosity, interest and participation has been KEY to its Success!

SA has gone from five high schools to eighteen. It has seen high school graduates complete college and enter graduate school programs as well as professional careers in nursing & education.
Your donation becomes even more vital to SupportAbility's mission -- Rewarding Courage! 
I can assure you, these funds will be used strictly for furthering the goals of SupportAbility. We are so grateful for your contributions which have enabled these high school graduates to "keep on keeping on".

Very truly yours,
Julie Inman
President & Chairman

Please make all contributions payable to SupportAbility. Be assured your donation will positively change a young person's life!!

Our mailing address:
P.O. Box 4885
Irvine, CA 92616
Earmark your check if it's for a school with a Service Club, or for a Memorial Fund. State that in the memo portion of your check. Click hereto donate online                      
To Donate      

__$5-$100   Bravery

__$200-$300  Persereverence
__$400-$500  Integrity
__$1000+  Courage

SupportAbility does not discriminate against race, disability, gender, religion, sex, color, gender or belief.

Award winners can apply for additional book money each year they stay in school. Recipients are encouraged to remain in contact with SA for support.


Join the SupportAbility team and its mission.

Help us award students for their tremendous courage!!

Updated 5-17-2019