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 2019 kicks-off September

SupportAbility recognizes those high school senior students who overcome, excel and graduate despite dealing with tremendous obsticles. 


Julie Inman
President & Chairman SupportAbility


SupportAbility and The Julie Inman Courage Award has awarded half-a-million dollars since it's inception in 2001. Award ceremonies were in May and early June.

Ann Nguyen,  receipient from 2005 from Garden Grove High School, wrote," ...what a wonderful gift. I'm forever thankful!"

The Julie Inman Courage Award, is named after me. As a high school Sophomore I suffered a cerebral hemorrhage. I spent 6 months in the hospital, then 10 years in rehabilitation. During my recovery I returned to high school, graduated and continued on to graduate college. Through all this I learned the importance of support and recognition.
Recognition and support are what SupportAbility seeks to give these remarkable students. We are so proud of all their accomplishments!!! We hope they will remain in ccontact with us and take advantage of our book fund. Contact Julie for info. and instructions 
(949) 854-3331.

***Award winners can apply for additional book money each year they stay in school.Transcripts and book lists are required. Recipients are encouraged to remain in contact with SA (Julie) for support.

Updated 08-14-2019