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"Rewarding courageous disabled and able-bodied
high school seniors who have overcome tremendous obstacles to graduate"

The primary function of SupportAbility is to award The Julie Inman Courage Award to high school seniors who have graduated, despite tremendous personal obstacles.

The award is to be used to further education or vocational goals and is given to a student who shows courage in overcoming life's obstacles. It recognizes courage and determintion over physical and/or learning disabilities, illness of self or of a parent, financial difficulties, the death of a loved one or unusually difficult cirumstances at home.

SupportAbility serves 22 schools in Orange & Los Angeles counties - of these 15 schools, two have student-run Campus Clubs, and seven are Memorial Awards.

Recipients are encouraged to stay in contact! They are invited to fundraising events   and offered book money for school and education.

The second task of SupportAbility is publishing our newsletter, EmpowerAbility. It is written and distributed quartely to our supporters and contributors. It reports on SA's work, success and planned events.

Updated 05-13-2019