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 Reception planned June 27 at the SACC -Join us!

Monte Vista recipient.    Past Student Club pres.                                            Currently in dental                                                     school.

"I might walk slowly but I never walk backwards."
Abe Lincoln
Happy 2018 !!
Bich Nuygen of Saddleback High School, wins the first SupportAbility scholarship-she will attend USC in the Fall. This a life-changing opportunity for a physically disabled student. $25,000
for four years of college=$100,000

$34,500 Awarded !!

49 Scholarships (four were from our service club, Villa Park) were given to  senior students who overcame tremendous and extraordinary obstacles to graduate. Apps were due by April 1st, 2018Winners announced at high school's Senior Awards Ceremony.

HawaiianTrip won by Brenda Longo. 7 days on a seven- Loved her stay on the Big Island. Catalina Trip won by Andreus Eulenstein!!

Carmel weekend raffle went to Bill and Kelly Campbell, dinner at Houstans in Irvine was won by Charle Jones and four craft sets were won by Linda & Bob Kilpatrick.
"Courage is the most important virtue, of the seven virtues..."
SupportAbility is in its 17th year of giving, and we are continuing to give scholarships this year. 47 students were chosen- seniors who graduated despite tremendous obstacles, at 15 Orange and Los Angeles County schools.

In 2016 a generous contributor founded a new scholarship opportunity for a physically disabled student. He began to fund a life-changing scholarship for a disabled girl or boy! Our contributors are updated of our events and growth by our bi-annual newsletter, EmpowerAbility.

After our highly successful and enjoyable 2017 golf tournament and reception at the Santa Ana Country Club, hosted by Katharine and Jack Trotter. Colette Curry, a past recipient from WHS in Irvine, dedicatd a song she preformed a-capella to our hosts. SupportAbility received over $23,000 in donations! These funds will go towards our upcoming Annual Awards for 2017-18!! 


SupportAbility awarded $34,500 to 42 deserving students!!

EmpowerAbility, our newsletter, has been reformatted and updated to keep you informed. If this is something you or your company would like to help underwrite, please send an earmarked check to the address below:

     P.O. Box 4885
     Irvine, CA 92616

All donations are appreciated and tax free !! Thank you!

Word of our Award has spread, and not only did we receive over 125 applications, SupportAbility surpassed $620,000 in it's 17-year history! This past year, $34,500 was awarded.

"Courage doesn't always roar. Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, "I will try again tomorrow."
   ~ Mary Anne Radmacher (Julie's favorite quote)


SupportAbility awards the Julie Inman Courage Award to a student who overcomes a life-changing obstacle; i.e. a disability, loss, learning disability, etc., and graduates from high school and plans to continue their education or vocational goals.

Many students are ENCOURAGED to remain in contact with Julie as she continues to award them with book money, as long as they provide proof of enrollment in a vocation or education program.

"Courage is the most important virtue, of the seven virtues..."

Recipients are always invited to fundraising events and their presence is valued by the contributors.

One parent of a recipient remarked that receiving The Julie Inman Courage Award was very important at that time in her daughter's life. Others have thanked Julie with tears in their eyes saying, "We're so thankful this award is available..."


Over 125 interested and excited guests joined SupportAbility and its Board Members at the Santa Ana Country Club for a stunning and inspirational reception.

Twelve past Award Recipients returned and openly, and so eloquently, spoke about their personal hardships and told of their future plans and goals, to the guests and contributors of SupportAbility.

The final speaker, a recipient from 2014, has severe physical disabilities, yet doesn't allow that to hinder him in the least. He shared how living without hands, and using his prosthetic legs, affect him in his daily life. He told of his college plans, which include majoring in vocal music-singing. He concluded the evening by rendering a beautiful Latin hymn, which brought everyone to tears...

"Our Kids" are amizing, talented and full of Courage !!

At last year's tournament, SA raised over $7,100. Guests heard recipients and other inspirational success stories at our post-tournament reception.

One of SupportAbility's faithful recipients said, "I never knew I was courageous. I was just trying to get well..." A feeling often felt by Julie and, no doubt, other recipients who were just getting through life. This noted recipient has stayed in contact with Julie and attended our fundraisers since 2004, when she received a Courage Award.

In May of 2012, 35 deserving students were awarded $37,500!

Help Us "Welcome In" Our 12th Year!

To donate, to learn more or volunteer to SupportAbility, contact us by mail at:

P.O. Box 4885
Irvine, CA 92616.

Help encourage deserving students to "keep on, keeping on" !!!

Last Updated: 6-20-2018

Webmaster: Julie Inman


Courtney Smith, now attending Berkley, thanks donors.

Villa Park
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Josh Foster

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