In 2023 SupportAbility has awarded $78,000!!

We continue to provide scholarships to high school senior students who have overcome tremendous obstacles. Over $1.1 million has been given to date.

“All of our dreams can come true- if we have the courage to pursue them.”

Walt Disney

‘SupportAbility’ Offers Scholarships to Students Who Overcome the Odds

THE EPOCH TIMES – August 27, 2021  Updated: August 31, 2021
By Hawken Miller – Printed with permission

When she was 15 years old, Julie Inman collapsed on a Colorado ski slope.

A hemorrhage in her brain resulting from arteriovenous malformation—an abnormal clump of blood vessels—had nearly killed her.

She woke up after life-saving surgery, only retaining the ability to hear and blink. Everything else, including swallowing, talking, and reading, would have to be relearned.

Despite it all, Inman returned to school at Mater Dei High School in Santa Ana, California, a year later and graduated in 1984. She went on to get her English degree at the University of Southern California and find a full-time job writing press releases for Grubb & Ellis, a real estate firm.

Now 56, Inman is still unable to walk and her fine motor function is affected, but she’s been on a 21-year mission through her organization, SupportAbility, to help high school students with similar hardships — whether they be physical, environmental, or mental—to attend a four-year university or junior college.

Since Inman founded the organization in 2000, SupportAbility has awarded $1 million in scholarships to more than 1,000 students at 15 Orange County high schools and seven in Los Angeles County.

“To a lot of the kids, it makes a huge difference,” Inman told The Epoch Times from her home in Irvine, California. “The award really helped them feel like they could continue with college and be successful, and someone recognized them.”


In her fourth year of college Elizabeth Matos returned to thank all of  our contributors.

2022 Reception

Our annual Reception to honor past and present Courage Award recipient’s. Josephine Rusli, a 2022 recipient from Garden Grove High School, and her parents enjoy the venue, the Shelby Auto Museum.

This year our Student Reception will be at this same location, The Shelby Event Center 5 Whatley, Irvine, on June 20 at 5:30.

What is SupportAbility??

SupportAbility is a grassroots 5o1c3 non-profit corporation. We want to give deserving  and challenged high school seniors recognition, praise and encouragement. We give the Julie Inman Courage Award (this year there were 50 plus given), 12 Memorial awards set up by family members and again offering the Carol B. Mooney Courage Scholarship. Every four years we are able to offer a $100,000 scholarship to a four-year college or university.

All donations are appreciated no matter their size and are tax deductible.

Established in 2001 – Celebrating the class of 2023!
We give the Julie Inman Courage Scholarship, plus two separate scholarships and twelve memorial awards. It is our hope that our recipients will pay it forward and recognize the importance for giving!
      Hand-painted greeting cards by Julie, four for $20. are being sold! This fundraiser has been extended indefinitely! Order thru Julie first at [email protected] – now accepting Venmo!

Our scholarship winner in 2019. Now starting her final year of college at Cal Poly Pomona.

“Courage is the most important of the seven virtues!”

Mya Angelou

Appeals Letter

We will send our Annual Appeals Letter in November. Please email Julie, [email protected], to be placed on our mailing list.

Awards & Memorials

1.The Julie Inman Courage Award – this was our main event.

Awards are presented to high school seniors who have fought tremendous obstacles in order to graduate. In 2023 we awarded over 50!

Now we offer …

 Memorial Awards are arranged by family members to honor their loved ones. We administer these awards at their Alma Mater.

The Max Garrick Jr. Courage Award is given to a student who has a love for learning or is going into law. Max was a huge supporter of SupportAbility.  In 2022 Andi Garrick chose Isabella Verduzco of Azusa High School.

The Michael Motherway Courage Award is presented each year at Mater Dei High School. Michael passed away after battling ALS. He is a Mater Dei Alum. Dr. Julia Motherway chose Ryan Head.

The Jane Noebel Courage Award is given out at Mater Dei High School where Jane’s three children graduated. Jane passed away suddenly from cancer. In 2022 Barry Noebel two recipients, Kyleigh Kane and Kaila Kupihea

The Brenda Eastman Courage Award was set up three year’s ago by her family. It is given at her alma mater, Santa Ana High School. In 2022 the family chose Destiny Cega.

The Dr. Edward Garr Courage Award was set up three year. Dr. Garr’s Award is given out at Mater Dei High School to a student going into the medical field. In 2022 Bunny Garr chose Kaila Kupihea.

The Dorey Madrid Courage Award is given at Troy High School. Dorey was a much loved English teacher.  She battled cancer for four years. Our award is given to a cancer victim or survivor. In 2022 SupportAbility chose Ana De La Cruz.

The Sue Herndon Memorial Courage Award began this year. Sue was a wonderful woman who passed away too soon. It went to two students, Melissa Aparicio from Covina High and Lianvictoria Garcia from Gladstone High.

The Rick Geiler Memorial Courage Award was started by his family. Rick was a loving family man and dear friend. It was awarded to a Mater Dei student, Patrick Rimlinger.

The Frances Smith Memorial Courage Award the Mike McDonald Memorial Courage Award were awarded at St. Mary’s Academy to Samantha Sanchez.

All of the Julie Inman Courage Award recipients and those who receive memorial awards are eligible for book money and future mentorship, support and friendship. Just ask …

Two SupportAbility Scholarships

Announcing Our Second College Scholarships

The Carol B. Mooney Courage Scholarship was new this year. Carol Mooney is a retired teacher from Villa Park High School where we have a student club established by long-time contributor Barbara Barnett. This year two recipients received a $3500 scholarship for their courage.  Josephine Rusli from Garden Grove High School and Perla Mendoza from Saddleback High School were honored.

Available this year – 2023

An anonymous donor made this four-year $100,000 scholarship possible. The Four-Year SupportAbility Scholarship has been awarded to two physically disabled students. They have been awarded $25,000 a year for four years. Both students are so deserving: one having a severe eye disability and the other a rare heart condition. They chose different universities. One chose University of Southern California and the other chose Cal Poly Pomona. A very complete interview process helps the Supportability Board of Directors to choose the recipient.

They are asked to stay in contact with us, send us their grades and transcripts and keep us posted as to their progress. Supportability is able to send them book money per their request.

2018 scholarship recipient Bich at her surprise party with SupportAbility. She graduated in 2021!!

Now has her Masters in Public Health.

Hayley, our 2019 recipient, is celebrated by Julie at SupportAbility’s surprise meeting.

Hayley is entering her senior year!

It is our hope that recipients will pay it forward and one day mentor other recipients. And attend fundraisers!

Participating High Schools

Mater Dei High School
Santa Ana CA

Santa Ana High School
Santa Ana CA

University High School
Irvine CA

Woodbridge High School
Irvine CA

Monte Vista High School
Costa Mesa CA

Back Bay High School
Costa Mesa CA

Covina High School
Covina CA 

Azusa High School
Azusa CA

Sierra High School
Azusa CA

Long Beach Poly High School
Long Beach CA

JF Shea Riding Center
San Juan Capistrano CA

New College High School
Costa Mesa CA

Villa Park High School
Villa Park CA

Saddleback High School
Santa Ana CA

Foothill High School
Tustin CA

Loyola High School
Los Angeles CA

Troy High School
Brea CA

Newport Harbor High School

Newport Beach CA

SupportAbility Campus Clubs Run by Students

Students have the opportunity to operate a SupportAbility Campus Club at their high school.

This is a way for students to be directly involved with SupportAbility and earn volunteer hours by forming a service club. The idea of campus clubs was established by contributor Barbara Barnett.

“Kids helping other kids”

First service club founder at Villa Park was Katie Salmond, now it’s Dr. Katie.

Business & Foundation Supporters 

We are now able to offer three college scholarships. These are each funded by individual contributor’s and are in addition to the Julie Inman Courage Award and our twelve memorial awards.

Every contributor to SupportAbility is very appreciated!! Below is a brief list of a few major players! Thank you all! 

Jack & Katharine Trotter

The Warmington Group

JDL Securities

Jon & Pam Pomeroy

Randy & Claudia Redwitz

Marty & Beth Handweiler

Mr & Mrs Gary Ryness

Amigos de las Ninos

Emmy & Pete Koehl

Argyros Family Foundation

Panish, Shea & Boyle Law

Mr & Mrs Bob & Linda Cassidy

Carol B. Mooney

Mr & Mrs Mike Jones

The White Cross Foundation

Cow Camp Caridades

SupportAbility Board of Director’s

John & Ann Clark Family

Dr & Mrs Carl Selin 

Mr & Mrs Bob Smith

We’d like to send a special thank you to Amigos de los Niños for their renewable grant -over the past 22 years, it totals over $50,000!